Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wonderful Family

Matt and I headed home last weekend and attended my cousin Logan's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a wonderful time catching up with family, as always. Another highlight was seeing my fabulous nephew Kellen, along with Brooke and Karsten, who are visiting from Evansville. That ALWAYS makes for a fun weekend. We also got to lounge by the pool Sunday which was quite refreshing (makes me miss my life guarding/swimming lesson days, where I spent my life outdoors....sigh).
Enough talk... more pictures
My handsome date and I (I'd marry this fella 1,000 times!)
Me with Grandma and Grandad, two of my favorite people!
Karsten, Kellen, and Brooke B and K know how to get down.
Kellen pushing his maw mow (that is lawnmower in K-Slater Language)
Pa and Kellen are apparently tuckered out from the long weekend... YAWN!


amy said...

aw you guys look great! glad YOU had a great wedding weekend =) also, lets plan a get together sometime in july--we don't have much going on then! let me know!!