Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Checking my Calendar Mommy

Written by Shannon Leigh


A few days ago we made the mistake of telling Ruby that were going to go to GiGi and Pop's house this weekend.
Ruby is 3 1/2 and has ZERO concept of time.
She thinks in "yester-nights" and "last-days" and tomorrows.
3 or 4 days away does not exist in her sweet, innocent, un-tainted brain.

We really should know better than to tell her such exciting news so far in advance but I believe it was being held out as a carrot to get her to eat her green beans.
It worked as an adequate bribe; she ate all of her green beans.
But we've been paying dearly for sharing the news ever since.

This morning Ruby came down from her room in a fancy dress and her purple glasses placed squarely on her face (sunglasses that lost the lenses long ago).  She was swinging her purple computer in her hand and her curls were extra bouncy with sleepy sweat.

She excitedly said "ok Mommy, I'm ready to go to GiGi and Pop's now!"
I explained that we were not going to GiGi's today and that we would be going on Friday.

She guffawed frustratedly and thought about it for a moment and then quickly placed her purple computer on top of a kitchen stool.
She flipped it open hastily and began typing quickly with her head tilted to the side.

I asked her what she was doing.

With a heavy sigh she said: "I'm just checking my calendar…to see when Friday is so then I can go to GiGi and Pop's house!"

This girl.  She cracks me up.

And somehow she's all mine.



Eliana Mehetabel said...

That's so awesome!!! She is indeed hilarious :) :)

Eliana Mehetabel said...

P.S. This is Ariana... Eliana Mehetabel is my fake name because my real name is too unique, so creepy people can stalk me way too easily...