Monday, September 16, 2013

Doll Bed Redo

Written by Shannon Leigh


So back a few months ago I bought a doll bunk bed for $1.

It was a thrift store find and even though it was old and super ugly I couldn't pass it up for $1.

I decided I'd spruce her up and give her a new life.

My sister and I were SUPER into American girl dolls as kids.  I had Kirsten, the Swedish immigrant and Morgan had Samantha, a little rich girl who had it all.

We had EVERY accessory available.  We had their bedroom sets, their kitchen sets,  their holiday sets, etc. not to mention every outfit.
Every dime we had we'd spend on Kirsten and Samantha.

This bed actually reminded me a lot of Samantha's bed, except Samantha's bed wasn't a bunk bed.

Anyway, the point is that Ruby is much too young to play with my Kirsten doll and accessories (although the day will be here soon) so I thought this was a good doll bed for the time being.

This is what she looked like before:

I bought a can of spray paint (Ruby picked green with a little guidance from me).
I waited until foam was 50% off at Joann and I sewed up some little mattresses with vintage pillowcases I already had.
Ruby obviously picked the only purple one I had.  There is no other color in this world according to her.
Unfortunately one pillowcase wasn't enough to cover the top, bottom and 4 sides so I decided to make the mattress reversible.
Even though it took me MONTHS to finish, I actually LOVE the way it turned it out and it is certainly cheaper than anything American Girl.  I think I spent about $15 on the entire project.

It makes me happy to see her little dollies tucked into this bed at all times of the day.


Who knows… maybe for Christmas I will make her a couple of doll quilts and pillows to complete the bed?
Only time will tell.


Katie said...

LOVE it!!! Too funny as I had Kirsten and my sister had Samantha! We didn't have a ton of accessories but we LOVED everything we had!! Countless hours of fun :) n

Mom said...

I love what you ended up doing with the mattress. Such a talented girl:)