Monday, June 4, 2012

Mister: Week 18

Written by Shannon Leigh


I keep forgetting to share my 14 week sono of Mister.
I love his little profile and his crossed feet at the top.  We have been lucky to get really great profile shots of both of our babies so far.  I could just stare at him all day.
Ruby is obsessed with the picture and carries it around kissing it (she is such a little mommy).

My sister has nicknamed baby boy Haus, because well, he is huge.

When they put the wand on my tummy at my first sono I couldn't believe how meaty he was.  All I kept thinking was "Lord, please let that be a boy"- he was just so big.  Ruby was so dainty (still is) so it's a mighty contrast.

Things are moving along well and we have made it to week 18!  Today Ruby and I got to listen to Mister's heart beat at the doctor's office.  He likes to hang out on the right side of my body and kick me on the left so she had to move the doppler all the way to my right side to hear his heart beat. Silly Mister.


Oh sweet Mister,
I have enjoyed praying these verses over you so very much!
Man, what a blessing these scriptures have been to this mommy.

See you at week 19!


sarah said...

levi has hung out on my right side too. he's now kind of all over the place, since he's so big he has no choice. :)