Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 17

Written by Shannon Leigh

Poor 2nd baby.  He's already getting the shaft when it comes to pictures.
Oh well, he's a boy.  He won't care anyway :).

So I FINALLY started a maternity series at 17 weeks.

This maternity series is going to be all about focusing on the Word.

I have committed to praying these next 23 (or so) verses over my sweet little Mister as the weeks go by.

I am trying to focus on what the Lord wants to teach me throughout the rest of my pregnancy and I get the bonus of memorizing scripture. I want to focus on what a blessing Mister truly is and not how much I want this pregnancy to be over:)

Man oh man, I am way bigger than last time and things have been VERY different.  Things are definitely sorer as I get stretched out.  I don't remember being this crampy last time either, bleh.  Truth be told it's getting kind of old.  I am actually kind of glad my job is so physical, I don't notice it when I'm working.

The good news is that I have been feeling Mister move for weeks and weeks now and last week (week 16) Matt even got to feel him kick!


Anonymous said...

Love this. And love how awesome of an example you are setting for all us Mama's out there through focusing on the Word instead of all else you can get caught up in, during a pregnancy. You already know I'm going to pin this.


GeNae said...

Love this Shan! Loving the outfit. Did you take it on Sunday? I cannot wait to finally hear Misters name. And I too love the devotion you are giving to God throughout this. I love your heart for God. I look forward to viewing photos of this pregnancy as well.

PS: You may be surprised. Mister may like these photos after all.

Anonymous said...

Shannon - So I've been keeping up with you guys on your blog for a while now. (Lesley gave it to me, hope that's okay:) ). I just wanted to say that I LOVE the maternity series idea. I just love the idea of praying scripture over your little forming babe. I'm going to have to remember that for next time. PS - you may feel big, but you still look adorable!