Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Yike it A Yot!

Written by Shannon Leigh

Most of Ruby's L's sound like Y's and maybe sometimes W's.
It's great to listen to her tell stories in her sweet wittle voice.   She's really starting to get an imagination.

She's been cracking us up lately with what she says and I want to write all of them down before she moves on to another stage and we forget.

She was playing with a red mitten she found in a basket in her room and asked where the other one was.  I told her it that it was lost and that we would have to buy her new mittens when it got cold outside.
She then said. “oh no, my mitten is yost!  Oh no, it’s yost in the country with my yittle brother!”

Ruby and I drove past a cemetery a few days ago and she said “ Ohhhhh  Mommy!  Wook!  It’s castles!”

We often call Ruby nicknames.  Lately when we call her a name like "dude" or "peanut" she promptly responds with "I not dude, I RUBY!"

She brought me Sophie the giraffe a few days ago and she said "Share Sophie with baby brother!"