Thursday, May 17, 2012

Far, Far Away

Written by Shannon Leigh

Ruby's squeaky little girl voice absolutely melts me. She has always been quite articulate and easy to understand but her voice is just so girly.

A few weeks ago she stayed with my parents while I shot a wedding.  It happened to be the night of the infamous super moon and my mom and dad took her out to see it.  Apparently Ruby loved it and thought it was great.

We talk about the moon and stars a lot.  She has always been intrigued by them and we discuss them with her often.  We ask "who made the moon?" And she promptly answers "God made the moon."  Then we ask "who made the stars."  She answers "God made the stars."  It's a bit of a game we play.

One night we were on our way home from youth group and the moon was shining bright.  Ruby caught sight of it and shouted,
"Wook Mommy, wook! It's the super moon!  (pause pause pause, and in a sigh she said) It's far, far away...I can't weach it."

Melt my heart my precious one.  Please stay this innocent forever.