Friday, March 30, 2012

8 Years

Written by Shannon Leigh

Spring is a busy season for us.

We celebrate lots of great things including:
Matt's birthday
Ruby's birthday
My Father-in-law's birthday
Our dating anniversary
My sister's birthday
My sister-in-law's birthday
My birthday
My Mother-in-law's birthday
Mother's Day

It's a lot of stuff.  A lot of great stuff.
I am always up for a reason to celebrate.

TODAY marks 8 years since Matt and I's first date.  Seriously?  

You can read the really romantic story HERE.

On a completely different note, back in March of 2006, Matt was turning 25.  
I threw him a "Quarter of a Century" surprise party in my apartment (shared with 4 other girls) and everyone was asked to bring a few quarters with them.
He probably used them to go to the batting cage.

And since I know you want to see what my handsome hubby looked like at 25… 

OH how I loved him in those glasses.