Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Away According to my Instax Mini

Written by Shannon Leigh


This weekend Matt and I went up to Galena for a little R&R.  
We really enjoyed our time together AND missed Ruby something fierce!  
We decided we need to do this more often…

As you can see our trip mostly revolved around food.  Go figure.
1.  Eating a chocolate/carmel covered marshmallow- It was AWESOME
2.  Matt being cute
3.  One of the many churches- we climbed the stairs to the top of the town- I believe this was a church on the top of the hill
4.  Me eating quiche at Otto's place
5.  Matt eating french toast at Otto's place
6.  Matt standing downtown
7.  Matt's pizza burger at The Market House
8.  Milkshake and old fashioned soda at the American Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor
9.  Us


amy said...

love it! we've enjoyed one weekend getaway so far and appreciate our time away SO MUCH MORE. you really learn to cherish your alone time when you become parents.

Eightymillion/Jennifer said...
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Eightymillion/Jennifer said...

I recognize this couple! Saw your blog post on the page on facebook. Great pics. Spoke with you both while you visited All That's Vintage right here on Main Street, Galena. Stop in again when you come back to town.