Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lovers Holiday Through the Years

Matt and I will soon be celebrating 8 years together! 8 YEARS!
How is that possible? That means we have celebrated 8 Valentine's Days? Man we're old.

I thought I would post a few Valentine's day pictures from the past just for fun.
Valentines 2006- out with friends at Steak N' Shake (so romantic)
v-day 004
Valentines 2008- trying on a chocolate diamond at Monticello's Taste of Chocolate
Valentines 2009- a little v-day party at home
Valentines 2010 - Just a few weeks before Ru was born. READY TO POP!
Valentines 2011- spent love day on the beach (probably my favorite so far)!

I hope we have DECADES of v-days to celebrate our love together.
Happy Valentine's Day Matty!

Love you!