Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Written by Shannon Leigh

I never win anything by way of drawing.
My Grandma Dudley, however, has a great stroke of luck.
She won a car once.
She traded it in for an organ (like the musical instrument, not like a kidney).
That organ still sits in her great room.
I'm still amazed that an organ was the same price as a car.
She won a tree once too (like a big, nice tree).
My mom entered her into a drawing without her even knowing.
Lucky woman that one.

My friend Kendahl started a new side business called All Things New.
They basically take old unwanted pieces of furniture (among other things) and bring them new life.
AHHH, one of my favorite things to do!

Isn't that what our gracious Lord does with us?
We are cherished and he makes us new, makes us changed.


I WON their give-a-way!
I won a chalk board slate made out of an old door and 3 vintage rosette hair clips that will look divine on the Ru.

You MUST follow their blog here.
And like their facebook page here.