Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Lover's Holiday:

His: "Great Epochs of American History" printed in 1912 with a vintage Valentine.
Hers: Beautiful bouquet of Tulips, delivered to the house while she was wearing an apron.

The Pooch: A heart shaped clip to wear in her hair (I might have a matching one).
Events: Watching movies, eating nachos, making cookies, and having our very own crush party.
Delightful way to spend my Valentines day if you ask me.


Keli B. said...

love her heart clip! she is stylin'! also, love the tulips!

Calamity J said...

You love Jane Austen!? No way:) I assumed so since your Blog Title is one of my favorite quotes, which just so happens to be from a Jane Austen movie. I love, love, love that movie:)