Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poor Poor Izzy

So you are probably wondering why we shaved our poor poor Izzy...

Matt and I are very against getting Izzy groomed.  For a long time it was because I couldn't part with her fluffy baby fur, but now it's because it's super expensive, and we are super cheap.  We also feared her coming home looking like a "poodle."  No one seems to understand "we don't want her cut like a poodle."  We like her face and feet long.  Matt and I are also really bad about procrastinating.  We'll decide on Friday night that we want her groomed on Saturday. (I am slightly spontaneous and I am also a big fan of instant gratification).   About a month ago, we did just that.  We called around on Saturday morning to find ANYONE who would take her that day.  We ended up getting in at a local place that catered to "high end" dogs.  With Izzy being a poodle they got her right in.  If they only knew what they were getting into.  Oh to see that woman's face.  They were super expensive but we figured she would be clean at least!  
Even though we explained that we wanted her kept long our worst fears came true.  She was shaved like a poodle.  Her snout and feet were practically shaved bald.  She looked absolutely ridiculous.  That didn't matter much until the mats started.  I always bragged that as curly as her hair was she never got mats.  Well within a few days she was COVERD in them.  My theory is that they didn't wash the shampoo out well enough.  
My friend Megan was in town for Bonnie's wedding this weekend and on Saturday morning we were petting her and I was attempting to cut out a few mats... She started to look ridiculous so Meg and I looked at each other and said "why don't we just shave her."   So we got out Matt's clippers (don't worry, he doesn't use them any more) and proceeded to shave my dog in my garage.  Matt, of course was holding a plastic bag trying to catch the massive amounts of hair falling from her.  I figured if we could get below the mats, she would be cured.  WRONG!!! When we finished she ended up looking like a sheep on chemo.  It was totally uneven and the mats were worse than before.  I only get into trouble like that with Megan.  We think too much alike.  
So after one full day of looking utterly absurd, we took her to Petsmart for an emergency grooming session.  We even had to sign a shaving waver!
Anyway I know she looks super ugly right now but at least she will grow out evenly and the mats are GONE!!!
Poor Poor Izzy.

In other news... I whipped up a St. Patti's pillow for the LR.  I like this pillow case idea.  I am learning a lot:)


Anonymous said...

That happened to us the first time Piper was cut. My mom took him to the lady who cuts her yorkies and explained to her that we wanted him "puppy" cut all over. Head and everything the same length. He came back with his back shaved and his head with a HUGE afro! He looked horrible. The lady told my mom that you dont "puppy" cut dogs like that. That he had to be cut either like a poodle or bichon! I cried I was so upset with it. I to ended up getting out the scissors and trying to fix his hair. We have been through 5 groomers before we found a lady who would actually cut him the way we liked! Why can't people just do what you ask? :)

Courtney said...

There, there. I bet her tail still wags and she still pounces on your bed in the morning to wake you up at the crack of dawn. Don't beat yourself up momma....I'm sure someday you will give your kids a bad haircut or two as well. :)