Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is why we bought a house...

When Matt and I were house hunting a year ago, we had only been married for a few short months. We were apprehensive and anxious about this GINORMOUS purchase we were about to make and sought confirmation from God that it was the right time. We prayed and prayed and came to the conclusion (with a little bit of certainty) that it was indeed the right decision. I think last Sunday we got our confirmation call. We were able to host the Youth Group Superbowl Party. Our house was filled to the brim with kids... 32 of them to be exact... scattered in every single room (we have a very small house). I mean seriously, I couldn't have been more happy. I always want my house to be filled with people, laughter, and love. So what if a few milkshakes were spilled here and there, this is what life is all about. I hope God uses our house in this way for MANY years to come.
a few shots of the festivities.


Chase Abner said...

This is so awesome, Shannon!