Monday, December 8, 2008

The Missing, The Found.

For months I had wondered where my large jelly roll pan had gone. I searched through the pantry and in the skinny cupboard by the oven, I even searched through the muffin tins and in our black buffet. It was nowhere to be found.

Now if any of you own a jelly roll pan you know that it is only used for very specific dishes. Most recipes call for a 9x13 pan, not this long, skinny, flat one. Thanks to my mother however, a staple dessert in my house is Texas Sheet Cake which calls for this particular pan. Up until now I never really needed it but as I was preparing for our covenant group to come over I was at my wits end trying to think where I possibly could have stowed it.

In a last ditch effort I called Matt at work and the following conversation ensued:

Me: have you seen my Texas sheet cake pan?
after a slight pause....
Matt: have you checked in the drawer under the oven? he asks quizzically.
Me: Um... we don't have a drawer under the oven.
Matt: Uh... yes we do.
Me: No, that is part of the oven, it's the broiler.
Matt: Um, what's a broiler?
Me: You know its part of the oven... it is where we make garlic bread.
Another long pause...
Matt: uh oh, you might want to check there.

When I got home, low and behold all kind of things were in my broiler drawer underneath the oven: my jellyroll pan, my cast iron skillet, some muffin tins, a cookie sheet. I felt like I got half of my kitchen back.

I guess that's what I get for having a helpful husband who does the dishes.
I love you Matty!!


Unknown said...

I find tht I use my jelly roll pan for many other things like cookies, chicken nuggets, etc. I don't know what I would do without those things!

amy said...

hahahaha thats the best converstion ever! love it.