Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This past week has been one of those weeks. You know the kind where you feel like you have done everything and nothing at the same time? Yeah, one of those.

Matt and I are leaving for a tropical get-a-way on Friday with the whole fam (Sans Karsten). Both of us are getting antsy but there is SO much to be done before we escape south (cleaning up the house, putting fresh linens on the bed, finishing the laundry, packing, giving Izzy a bath, paying bills, tying up loose ends at work, preparing for our first Sunday school lesson, etc.).

This last weekend we were SUPER busy. On Friday we headed to Chevys with our good friends Brent and Amy. We hadn’t seen them in months so it was GREAT to catch up. Afterward we went to L & B’s for an Olympic party - complete with Chinese food, Chinese finger traps, international decorations, AND Chinese checkers. We “watched” the opening ceremony and played games in true Olympic Spirit (thanks to Betsy for an awesome theme party).

Saturday, our friends Chase and Alisha were in Champaign for a conference so we had them and L & B over for a cookout. It was the first time Matt and I have seen their new baby, Simon. He is ADORABLE! We had such an awesome time catching up.

Sunday, after Church we lounged around a bit and then headed to L & B’s again for homemade pizzas and some Olympics-watching (or the Cards/Cubs game).

Altogether we had a GREAT weekend it just went soooo fast.

Now we really need to buckle down and get packing. It doesn’t help that Matt and I have been staying up all night watching the Olympic coverage. You can see how passionate Matt is about the Olympics on his blog.

To add to the chaos I had another photo-shoot last night with a coworker. I have started a new photography blog- {Entertaining Angels}. Check it out!


Chase Abner said...

We had a great time with you all. I think it was our first time hanging out with y'all as "the Andersons." It was also good to see Lance and meet his family. We should do it again.

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

Chase: I agree completely!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for Brooke's blog address! I LOVE it! Also, you need to move to St. Louis so you can have us over for a cookout. I wanna meet Izzy too!! Where ya'll goin' for vaca??

Alisha said...

We never get tired of hearing how adorable Simon is... Thanks for letting us come over!