Friday, August 1, 2008

The "L" Word...

I am pleased to announce that I have been christened as a true Chicago traveler. I have ridden then "L" folks, all by myself. Walking along the streets of this windy city one is inundated with the sights and sounds of the screeching "L" as it whips along above. Since I began coming to this city the knowledge of its existence was enough to perk my curiosity and the reality that I had never experienced it loomed over me every time I heard the squeal of the rail. You could imagine my excitement when Brooke invited me out to Oak Park this past week. Although unsure, I decisively mustered my courage and fared the Green Line on the CTA.
(Thanks to Brookie for the very specific instructions. I couldn’t have done it without you!)

Leaving my hotel (one of the many makeshift sidewalks due to construction)

Trekking across the river.Kids running (I love the hand in the far left of this image).

My first view of the station on Lake and Clark.

Platform from above(hoping to find 9 & 3/4)!

The people who ride the "L" regularly.
On the "L"
My Stop.

Leaving the station.


Unknown said...

You must have screamed "tourist" taking all those pictures! haha...

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

I prefer to think of myself as a documentary maker...:)