Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 1

Although our vacation was cut many days short by a tropical storm (stupid Faye) we managed to have 2 1/2 days on the beach and lots of rainy days in the condo playing cards...
Our story starts like this...
DAY 1:
The flight was uneventful other than it being Kellen's first time on an "hair pane." He did wonderfully despite falling asleep 30 minutes before landing. We got to the condo around 4ish and soon after we walked to Johnny Rockets along the beach for dinner.
After dinner we went out to the beach. I think Kellen was a little unsure.
Nana and Kellen.
Aunt Morgan and Nana are holding Kellen steady. Kellen and Pa. Still not sure what to think. My love and I.Child and Mama with child (p.s.- ITS A BOY!) Morgan and Luke enjoying the hot tub.The movie (Remember the Titans) that was played on the pool deck.

The End (of Day 1)


Anonymous said...

Great pics!!! You are so good at updates and photography!! I thought about ya'll a lot when I heard news about the tropical storm. Sorry about the yucky rain!!