Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Improvement

After a fabulous date last night (the concert was o.k. but it was more fun just hanging out with the hubby) Matt and I were exhausted and slept in this morning. After we ran a bunch of errands and took my car into the shop (apparently my muffler was about to fall off). Now that we are finally getting a lot of the "bigger" house projects finished like establishing a yard, we get to move on to the more fun ones like decorating. We honestly haven't done much decor wise. We finally painted a wall in the kitchen and I whipped up some curtains that are only partially finished. There is SOOOO much more that I want to do. I did get to redo some garage sale finds that I decided to put in our entryway.

Before: The mirror was nasty gold.
Now it's nice and white. The table was also a garage sale find. It was an old sewing table whitout the sewing maching. It looks much better now that it has a fresh coat of paint.I only have one mroe photo: my handsome husband standing in front of the Virginia Theatre. :)


Courtney said...

Fabulous garage sale finds! Currently, Matt and I have a dresser and a cabinet that we have rescued from an auction and craigslist. I can't decide what color I want to paint them...

Anonymous said...

That picture of the entry-way table and mirror looks like it came out of a magazine. Are you a photographer or something?