Monday, July 14, 2008

View From the 38th Floor

I had to travel again this week and this is my view from the 38th floor.

I guess the view is o.k. but it makes me lonely that I am up here all by myself. I wish this guy was with me. Everything is better when he's around. On a pleasant note, the weather has been spectacular up here, as well as the shopping. Tomorrow I am meeting up with my good friend Brooke after work. We are hoping the weather is nice, maybe we could take a stroll on the lakefront.
Here are a few last pictures from this weekend. My mom and dad came to visit in the convertable so we rode around town and headed to the park. Izzy was sooooo worn out. We ended the outing with some Jarlings Custard Cup. YUM!!!


Unknown said...

I could go to Custard Cup every day. Oh so delish! I don't really like things that are lemon flavored, but their lemon frozen custard is absolutely fabulous.

MKLoeffler said...

beautiful! I love big cities at night

Livi said...

Hey, Brandon thought your dog looked like a stuffed animal in the pics. Pretty cute though.
Also you said nathan is getting big?! Well the nurse at his doctor office said he was as tall as alot of one year olds she knows. Yikes!