Monday, April 28, 2008

Va-Ca-Tion and Weekend Update

Although my birthday isn't until Wednesday, the birthday festivities have already started and will continue through the end of the week. Matt and I got to visit Springfield this weekend and spend time with some family including my fabulous nephew, Kellen. He's been trying out a new smile... if that is what you want to call it.Like usual the visit was much too short. We did get to try out a new Italian joint called Bella Milanos, which was quite delish. My mom and dad surprised me with a traveling gardening box and some gardening tools, which I am pumped to use and my beloved sis got me a teacup planter and some Gerber Daisies! Can't wait to put them to use!
Tomorrow Matt and I will be heading down to St. Louis for Pat's graduation and Wednesday we will be on our way to Vera Bradley!!! (I am sure there will be plenty of stories and pictures at a later date).

On another note, Matt and I are officially closing on the house on Friday and will hopefully be all moved in by Saturday. What a birthday present!!! Can't wait. I have continued to document our apartment and the move. Here are some photos to add to the last set. Remember it's in the details.


Courtney said...

Shannon! I enjoy you....and if you have a moment when you are in town you should give us a call (314-610-3326). The teacup pot is adorable...and is that a bride sitting behind you?

Good luck with the big move...I envy your departure from apartment living. Oh how I long for the day to not have a landlord.

Unknown said...

I love that ottoman! It looks like a giant pin cushion.

Have a great birthweek!

Amy Woodrum said...

ha weird, that does look like a bride behind you...random. also, happy birthday!! what a great and exciting weekend you'll get to enjoy! happy moving :)

The Winey Wife said...

I hope you got my voice mail b/c it has way more excitement then this, but HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY! Your house looks BEAUTIFUL! We were all so jelous of Josh yesterday b/c he got to see you and we didnt.