Thursday, April 24, 2008

Head Start...

And so the packing process begins.

About a week ago Matt and I got a phone call from our landlord informing us of a potential tenant interested in our apartment. Because she needed somewhere to live as of June 1st, our apt. was one of the only ones available. Needless to say Matt and I were stoked (we cleaned the apt from top to bottom)! Thank Jesus that a few days later our landlord contacted us saying that the girl was going to take it!!!! This meant that Matt and I could get into the house a couple weeks earlier than we originally thought and it would save us a whole lot of money as well. WOO HOO!! With a projected date as early as next Friday, this means it's packing time! YUCK! However, as of tonight...the guest bathroom and bedroom are completely packed, cleaned, and labeled in appropriate piles (if you look closely you will see my sticky notes). It feels good to get started. I hope the rest of the packing goes just as smoothly.

p.s. Our landlord has not received a signed contract from said "potential tenant" so let's pray that it all works out!


Cher said...

Hey Shannon, I don't have your email, so I'll just have to leave a message here! If you need a break from packing, I would love to see all those cute pics you took of the kids last weekend. Could you post them to the site? Thanks!