Sunday, April 13, 2008

Although the rain came...

Photographs of yet another eventful weekend.
After a night on the town Friday evening Matt and I headed to L & B's for the weekly Saturday morning pancake-breakfast. It is the perfect opportunity to hang out with the kiddos since we hardly get to see them when we visit on the week nights, plus morning kids are so much better than night ones. For an added bonus, Lance's parents were visiting, which was quite the treat. Thanks to Betsy for cooking up some phenomenal pancakes and thanks to Baby Josh who left some for the rest of us! (photos: the adorable Baby Josh)

At the urging of L & B we traveled to nearby Tuscola for a little furniture shopping and a light lunch. They suggested we eat at the cutest local candy shoppe/restaurant that remained nameless. We soon discovered it was called Flessors Candy Kitchen. You can read the chocolaty-rich history on their website. The homemade ice cream shakes were to die for and my BLT was quite appetizing. If you are in the area we suggest you check it out. (Photo: Matt flipping through the menu)During lunch I left my camera on the table. One of the waitresses noticed and casually mentioned that I could take photos of the candy-dippers in the back. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. However, only a few pictures in my camera battery called it quits. Needless to say I was crushed. Hopefully I will get another opportunity some day. (Photos: the candy-dippers) Today on our weekly trip to the grocery store I decided I was craving something sweet and homemade. We all know Matt is ordinarily a chocolate person and to be honest I am as well, but today I was in the mood for strawberries. Since my Mom and Dad were on their way home from a weekend spent in Nashville with Morgan and Luke I could only get the basic ingredients for my mom's delish strawberry pie. The search for the measurements lead to a delightful phone call to Grandma and Grandad D.. Man I love those two. Anyway thanks to Grandma the pie turned out fabulous and Matt actually ate a piece. (Photos: the making of a strawberry pie)


Chelsea Bass said...

I've been to Flessors. It is very good. Love the pictures!