Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Netflix, Snagit, and Bliss!

Matt and I have finally decided to joined the 21st century and we have been participating in Netflix for the last couple of weeks. So far it has been pretty great, other than the lack of instant gratification. As long as one can plan ahead, the idea of it is phenomenal. It has changed the way I think about movie-watching.

I am also getting used to a new program called SnagIt. You can get a free download here. I have to use it at work. It is called SnagIt because you can literally snag anything from your screen and copy it to any program or save it as an image. The program also has small editing tools like adding text bubbles, highlighting, adding text, adding borders, etc. It is most definitely not Photoshop, but it is definitely useful in writing training guides, and pulling pranks on people at work!