Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fire & Ice

I don't think I knew just how cold -12 was until I walked the frigid city blocks of Chicago, with a stylish but not so warm coat.

Last Wednesday the team and I took a trip up to Chicago to present at my very first UAG (User Acceptance Group). I only had a small part to present and all of the equipment was working very well, so stress was low and the users were pretty easy on me. We will be going up every three weeks from here on out. I am getting pretty excited since I don't know much about Chicago and I am getting to know it in the BEST way. We stayed on Michigan Ave. at the Hilton Suites, directly across from H & M. We pulled up to the hotel around 3, the valet took our car and we checked in. We each got our own King Suite, which was pretty awesome. My dear friend Brooke met the team & I at the Cheesecake Factory and ended up staying with me that night. It was just too dang cold for her to walk back to the L, late at night. After dinner the girls on the team shared a piece of chocolate chip cheesecake and watched American Idol. The perfect way to spend the evening if you ask me.
By the way, UIC's mascot is the flames. Really cruel if you ask me. I wish they had some flames in the parking lots, just to melt the ice and make it a little more bearable. Hopefully the next time we are up there, the weather is a little more favorable. :)


Courtney said...

man...chicago every three weeks?!?! That's awesome!