Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Someday she won't talk to the moon

Written by Shannon Leigh

Life has been crazy.

Ruby is 19 months.

In the midst of the busiest season ever, my sweet baby turned into a little girl.
I mean I knew it was coming but I've just started looking through my October pictures and I am shocked at what I see.

She's a bonified kid, not a baby!  EEK.

She talks constantly.  When I picked her up from MMO yesterday morning the teacher said she talks and interacts like an adult (it's true).

Lately, we have had our bouts of SERIOUS whining which seems to be subsiding now, thank you Jesus.  I am still convinced it was her teeth which are still coming in.  By God's grace alone I didn't chuck her out the window (I kid, kind of).

Potty training is at a stand still.
After doing so well and being so excited about it at first she has reverted back to infancy by using her diaper as her only means of excreting (yes, I just used the word excreting).
 She tells me when she's pooping and peeing but refuses to sit on the potty, oh the joys of motherhood.
We will be trying the 3 day bootcamp soon and plan to buy big girl undies in the next few weeks.

Her hair is in a ponytail or pigtails most of the time which is crazy.  She looks so grown up.

She is OBSESSED with her new black boots.  She says "boots on, boots on mommy!"  I can't help but oblige.  The only time she doesn't have them on is in bed and in the tub.

She has really started getting into "reading" books and brings me book after book after book to read to her throughout the day.

She has a thing for trains, airplanes and helicopters. She is convinced that the ceiling of Wal-mart has helicopters and tells everyone who passes "heyyichoptor up there!"  We still have no idea why.

She says hi to the moon and goodbye to the sun.

She sings "Jesus Loves Me" but calls it "Bible so."

She loves to give kisses and fist bump.  She insists that each of us "pound" even Izzy.

The whole toddler thing really took me offgauard I wasn't prepared but I feel like we are getting into a good rhythm (until next week when she changes again).

We are constantly shocked at all of the things she knows and can do.

But some days are long and tiring...

Someday she'll grow out of pigtails and snuggling.
Someday she'll think I'm lame and promise to never do the things that I do.
Someday she'll find comfort in someone else's arms.

Until then, I'll enjoy that talks to the moon.


sarah said...

cryinggggg. such a sweet blog.