Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Men cry too

Written by Shannon Leigh

My husband doesn't generally cry.

I have seen him really cry once in my life.  
He cried like a baby at our wedding (like a big fat, red face, snotty, blubbering baby).
He likes to whip that out when we argue… it's beginning to lose it's luster.

I cry during gerber commercials (don't hate, things have never been the same since being prego).

Anyway, my point is that he doesn't really cry.  
Sometimes he get's quiet, sometimes he get's angry but he just doesn't cry.

I have learned to accept this and appreciate it, it's nice to have a steady man in the wake of my emotional breakdowns.

He doesn't cry... unless you count getting teary eyed at the end of most sports movies.

Like the story of Roy Hobbs in The Natural.
the natural
I mean don't get me wrong when Hobbs shatters the clock and breaks the stadium light and the sparks sprinkle down as he rounds the bases it's hard to NOT get goosebumps.  

This year, for this beloved of mine, Cardinal baseball did the same thing.
Like a compilation on the radio of fans calling in with "written in the stars" in the back ground. 
Like the game 6 comeback.
Like the picture of Freese throwing his helmet to the ground in glory on the stretch to home.
Like winning the world series after all odds were stacked against them.
Like this article

"And this was God’s design — in his universe, there is more beauty when victory rises out of weakness. The morning shines brighter after a tumultuous night. The glory is greater at the end of three silent days, when the Lamb has been slain, when all hope seems lost." 


We were lucky enough to get to go to game 2 this year. 
Something we will surely never forget (especially my teary eyed husband).
We argued on the way because he was SO WORRIED we were going to be late and I left my coat in the wrong car twice (long story). 
We were there 30 minutes early.
He spilled my hot chocolate. 
It was cold.


The Cardinals lost the game.
But they came back to win the series.
They rose from weakness and conquered the game of baseball.

And my husbands eyes were teary.