Monday, August 1, 2011

My Fashionista

Written by Shannon Leigh

So my Project Runway buddies will get a serious kick out of this.

Yesterday an old episode of Project Runway was on tv, specifically the one where Chris made clothing out of human hair. (If you are a Project Runway buff like me you will distinctly remember the episode, but then how could you forget it?).

So Ruby and I were reading a book with the tv on in the background and I wasn't really paying attention. All the sudden I hear Ruby shout "MONKEY, MONKEY" while pointing at the tv. I looked up and saw a coat that Chris had crafted with human hair all around the collar.

HA, I laughed and laughed. It really DID look like a monkey.

Ahh, the innocence. I love that little girl.



Alisha said...

How cute. Today Simon proclaimed quite loudly an excitedly in McDonald's that the guy next to us was a cowboy (because of his hat).