Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lessons in Chalk

Written by Shannon Leigh


So there was this glorious time in my life when Ruby was a baby.

She slept all day and all night. She didn't move at all. She didn't pull all of my tampons and q-tips out of the bathroom cabinet and scatter them throughout the house.
She didn't even play in the dog bowls 1700 times a day.
I didn't have to fight her when I changed her diaper and she didn't tug on my pants and scratch up my legs while I made dinner.
She would sit in her bouncy seat and coo and I would sit and rock her and nurse her because that's all she needed. Like I said, it was glorious!

I used to get lots of work down during the day. Being a photographer is serious business and I take it very seriously. I take pride in my timeliness and customer service ;)

Now Ruby is a toddler (17 months to be exact). She's really more like a woman-child (AHHH, stop growing so fast).
She requires ALOT attention.
She takes one (glorious) nap a day and gets into EVERYTHING.
She is getting her top molars (already has her bottom ones- 12 teeth in all) which hasn't been fun.
She likes to run around naked and knows how to take her diaper off if she doesn't have pants on.
She gives kisses like it's going out of style, she says a bajillion words and sentences, and dances like it's her last day on earth.
She climbs into the tub on her own. She climbs on ALL of the furniture. She leaves handprints and snot marks on everything, especially the glass doors and windows.
She stands at the back door and says "outside" all day long.

It really is glorious in a completely different way.
I don't get nearly as much done but I am thoroughly enjoying ever minute with our little girl.
Someday she will want nothing to do with me so I better soak it up while it lasts.

I am constantly trying to find fun things to do with her. The weather has FINALLY been cooperating and I don't feel suffocated the second I walk out.

So Ruby and I have been playing outside a LOT! Sidewalk chalk is one our favorites.
We practice the alphabet and our numbers (she likes to repeat 2, 3, 2, 3).
We even practice our shapes and colors. I can ask which one is the circle and she will point right to it.
Oh Ruby I hope you know how much I love you and your little tanned arms.
Here's to hoping we have lots more side walk chalk parties in our future.
Love you,