Monday, July 11, 2011

Ain't too Proud Monday (Wednesday Addition)

Written by Shannon Leigh

So I have been MIA lately.
Want to know why?
DID you SEE that?

Yep, the bottom half of my face blew up like a water balloon.

It all started 2 Thursdays ago.
My chin randomly started hurting but I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when I checked it out. Not even a bump.
By Friday night my chin had a huge elongated bump on it and it hurt like the dickens.
We thought it was some kind of bug bite.

I would have gone to the doctor but I was shooting a wedding out of town on Saturday.
It was continually getting larger and more painful.

On Sunday I headed straight to convenient care and it was diagnosed as some kind of infection. Yikes.
She gave me an antibiotic and sent me on my way.

Then it just got WORSE.
I was in a lot of pain and the swelling was all the way down to my chest.
I couldn't sleep or get comfortable. It was actually really horrible.
I had to go back to convenient care (stupid holiday weekend).
They doubled my antibiotic and gave me a HUGE shot in the bum, which still hurts mind you. They also gave me a heaping dose of Vicodin.

By Wednesday I went to see my primary care doc because it JUST wasn't getting better and now I was throwing up because I was so nauseous from the Vicodin and antibiotic.

Well they ended up having to LANCE it.
Yes, like cut it open and drain it.
And yes it was just as horrible as it sounds.

I have been on the mend since then but still haven't caught up on all the work I fell behind on while I was down for the count.
I still have a small bump on my chin but it doesn't hurt.
I see the doctor tomorrow, hopefully he'll have some answers for me.

Praise the Lord for my parents and in-laws for helping us out.
I don't think I could have done it without them!

Oh and PS- my computer is out of commission as of tonight. The screen won't turn on(Iam currently on Matt's computer to answer emails).
AWESOME, JUST what I need!


amy said...

holy cow! that's crazy and sad. and a little disgusting. hope it gets better and they can figure out what the heck it was :( and also, i miss you.

Unknown said...

oh my goodness kitty. My chin hurts just reading that...I am so sorry!! Never would you imagine getting a chin infection!??? Crazy!

Hope you heal up well...the word lance always makes me cringe.

Calamity J said...

Oh my! Shannon feel better and keep us posted! Hope you get to feeling better and your chin infection is nothing more than just some weird infection ;) Chin up...sorry, I couldn't help myself :)