Saturday, May 21, 2011

simplifying digitally

Written by Shannon Leigh

So as most of you know 2011 is all about simplifying in this hizous, yes I just pulled a Tom Haverford.

Not only have I tried to simplify my home and business life but I've also tried to simplify my "digital life." What is a digital life you ask? Let me explain.

We live in a digital world friends and SO much of my work is done digitally, especially concerning photography (although I'm headed back to film, hooray).
Anyway you slice it all of us have LOTS of digital files that NEED to be maintained in a proper archival way, can I get a witness?

There are a few programs that have REALLY helped me get organized during this blissful year of simplifying. Allow me to elaborate.

If you don't use Google Docs, START.
You can store, access and edit any document that you need in any form (.doc, .pdf, etc) from ANYWHERE. It's amazing. I have used google docs for years now and I really don't know what I did before.
I even have a google docs app on my phone so I can send clients documents when I am not near my computer. This has proved to be my best friend since now I don't come home to one billion emails after I am gone for a few days. I try to knock out as many as I can from my phone. Holla.
I have uploaded all of my important work documents and can access them from ANYWHERE.

Matt and I also have a few shared documents that we can constantly update, like our budget. It's pretty sweet. Double holla.

I'll assume most of you know what Flickr is. It's a website that allows users to upload, organize, store, search, and share photos. I use it as an internet back up for all of my files. I can organize each group of pictures and make them searchable based on any criteria. I LOVE IT. For me it's my back up to my back up to my back up if you know what I mean.
I find downloading files from flickr a bit cumbersome but I rarely have to download anything. I generally use it for uploading pictures to my blog or sharing them with friends.
You can make your files public or private which I also find nice. I have the desktop app that allows me to upload files while I don't have a browser open. It's super convenient and less of a hassle than any other system I have tried thus far.
For $25/year you can get a pro account and upload UNLIMITED files which I obviously need considering I currently have 41, 482 items uploaded. I have spent the last few months uploading and organizing EVERY single digital photo that I have and now I am OH so happy. I mean seriously peeps talk about SIMPLIFIED. I am now working on getting the files put in a safe deposit box at the bank. We all know how important my photos are to me. :)
To show you how quick and easy flickr is - I pulled up a picture of each newborn nephew and I in about 1 minute. Sure beats uploading each one individually.
Kellen Mitchell
Keagan Gabriel
Kade Isaac

Halleuluah for a program that keeps my business finances easily organized. I am also super grateful that my handsome hubby is my business partner and stays on top of things financially. I wouldn't say he does ALL the finances but he certainly helps me out. :)
(Any business owners out there- If you have any tips on better programs or on how to make things even easier I am definitely open to suggestions).

On a completely unrelated note, I have been photographing lots of newborns lately and I am LOVING it.
Newborns are a LOT of work since they're completely unpredictable but they are oh so precious. I have been encouraging my clients (especially the moms) to get in at least a couple of photographs with the babies.
I refused to be in any photos when Ruby was a newborn and I totally regret it. It's such a great way to remember how itty bitty they are.
Here are a few shots from her newborn session
{taken March 15th, 2010}
And here is Ruby and I when she was about 2 months old. These are the only pictures I could find of her and I when she was still pretty little.
I was setting up for a shoot that day and did a few test shots with my Ru. I am SO glad I have these, even though I look like a hot mess without any makeup on and my hair all nasty. :)
I am in love with her skinny little legs.
{take May 10, 2010}


Kendahl said...

Back to film for good? Wow - I'm not sure whether I'm proud of you or think you are completely crazy. Def crazy :)

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

Ha, don't worry I won't go COMPLETELY back to film (at least not yet).

David said...

In my experience with financial software, unless you're doing 7 figures in revenue per year Quickbooks is by far the best option.