Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The big 2-6

Written by Shannon Leigh

Last week I turned 26.
It was a lovely day.
{my little family on my birthday}

I had a shoot in the morning but then the rest of the day was ALL about me:).

I knew that as things got busy work-wise I'd probably have a lot of late nights editing but MAN, I am exhausted.

I took 2 naps and laid in bed while reading a full chapter in a book (whoa- I usually get to read about 2 paragraphs before I am needed by someone or dinner needs to made or laundry needs to be done, or pictures need edited, etc).
{The Ru and I. I love her}
I even took a nice long bubble bath before dinner, which I haven't done in YEARS.
Matt had procured a babysitter for Ru and he took me out to Ko Fusion downtown, which seriously has the best food EVER. I am still salivating over the steak. YUM.
And of COURSE we had to get some cupcakes at Cakes on Walnut too, it doesn't really feel like a birthday without one.
{Chocolate strawberry cupcake= a little slice of heaven}
Matt surprised me while I was getting ready with pearl earrings that match the neckless he got me for Christmas. I felt so spoiled. Of course I love them, they are beautiful. I think I'll wear them everyday.
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and to my dearest Matty (and Ruby) for a great day.

Here's to hoping 26 will be the best year yet.


Calamity J said...

1. Happy Birthday!
2. You look gorg!
3. Rubs is adorb!
4. Matt is a dear!
5. Izzy is so statuesque :)