Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi, DaDa!

Written by Shannon Leigh

I hear that simple phrase 6 billion times a day.
She says it when I come around the corner, while she is looking at herself in the mirror, and when she plays with the upholstery tacks on the chair.

She also says it when I talk to Matt on the phone and when he comes home at night. She crawls at lightning fast speed to the mud room door repeating "hi, DaDa" over and over and over.

She picks up the receiver to her play phone at least twice a day and holds it to her shoulder (not her ear) and says "Hi, Dada!"

It really is the CUTEST thing ever.

She also says "bye, DaDa" when Matt leaves in the morning.

She says "Izzy" 900 times a day. She is getting really good at it.
Today I picked her up from MMO and I had a fuzzy white blanket in the back seat. She pointed excitedly saying "Izzy" over and over.

She is currently on a "Mama" strike. She REFUSES to say it unless she is screaming and thinks I am going to leave her. Awesome. Remember her first word was Mama.
So today I'd like to go back in time and remember my sweet 2 week old Ruby (16 days actually).
What a little ham.



MKLoeffler said...

Jaden says da da all day long too. I feel your pain! :)