Friday, April 15, 2011

The Best Days

Written by Shannon Leigh

I went to visit my sister in Evansville, IN earlier this week.
It's not what I'd call an easy trip.
It's a 3 hour drive mostly through small towns on the far east side of the state.

On my way home on Wednesday Ruby and I stopped at a Subway in one of those itty bitty towns.
I stood in line salivating over the promise of a cold cut on wheat and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

I held Ruby on my hip, a heavy diaper bag on my shoulder, a sippy cup from my pinky finger and a wallet in my hand.
Nothing is easy with a one year old, shifting the weight every few seconds to keep my arms from getting too tired.

A little old woman came into the store while I was in line.
She was petite with glasses and she was wearing all denim. She was a little crass and raspy, and maybe even a little crazy.

Then I hear
"You know these are the best days of your life, right?"

I wasn't even sure who she was talking to. She hadn't really stopped talking since she came in. She told the lady what condiments she wanted on her sandwich before the sandwich was even made.

Then she said it again.
"You know these are the best days of your life, right?"

She was talking to me.

She went on.
"If she were mine, I would hold her just like that all the time. I'd never let her go."

She then reached out and touched Ruby's face and grabbed her toes rather roughly.

I could have done without the touching but keeping with my friend Betsy's philosophy that babies are for sharing I let it go.

You know what though? I think that crazy little lady has a point.

I am sentimental by nature and I have a small obsession (ok maybe a large obsession) with capturing life's little moments. I never want to forget them.

I don't want to forget the sweet smile on Ruby's face when I get her from her crib when she wakes from a nap.
The way her little hands feel in mine and her sweet kissable cheeks.
The way her curls feel in my fingers and her two bottom teeth.
The way I feel when she lays her head on my shoulder and puts arms around my neck.
Her adorable voice that is constantly chattering.

Sometimes I forget how precious this season of life is. It's busy, physically exhausting and confusing.
But it is also ohh so sweet.
I'd like to bottle up 13 month old Ruby and take her out when I am that little old lady's age just to love on her.
Or maybe I'll just make the most of now.
{photos taken March 6th, 2011
getting Ruby after a nap}