Friday, January 28, 2011

This Morning's Events.

Written by Shannon Leigh

Woken by a sick baby at 3am.
Hold sick baby for most of the night.
Baby is feeling better this morning.
She is playing while I am on the phone.
Turn around and she is playing in the dog's water bowl.
She is soaking wet.
Water all over the place.
Wipe down mess.
Take soaking wet baby to changing table to change her soaking wet clothes.
Baby is flailing arms.
Baby knocks over my coffee to the floor.
Luckily it's on the rug.
Rush rug to the sink.
Decide baby needs a bath because of dog water incident.
Take baby's clothes and diaper off and sit her on the bathroom rug while water is running.
Pick baby up to put her in the tub.
Notice she peed all over the bathroom rug that I washed YESTERDAY.
Must wash rug AGAIN!
Give baby a bath.
Almost finish with bath.
Baby POOPS in the tub.
In my clean tub that I just washed YESTERDAY!
Clean up poop.
Clean up baby.
Feed baby breakfast.
Baby sneezes all over my face.
The blast from the sneeze startles me and I drop the spoon of baby food on my clean clothes.

Baby-6, Mommy-0.


amyjoy said...

oh goodness this is excellent. and i bit's like a glimpse into my future...

David said...

I'm sure she did it all with a smile on her face to.

Laura said...

Awww. Such a cute story! You must really LOVE that baby! :) One day it will be worth it I'm sure!