Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Forward

Written by Shannon Leigh

I am really looking forward to 2011.

I'm faithful that the Lord with fill this year with blessings beyond measure.

Although I'm very much looking forward to 2011, I'm so grateful for 2010.
2010 brought so many wonderful things.
To name a few...
  • A sweet little gem named Ruby.
  • A small business that grew into a not-as-small business.
  • Matt really taking off in his career as an attorney and feeling like the firm God has provided is the perfect fit.
  • A new nephew named Kade.
  • Closer relationships with friends & family.
  • Getting to see my sweet husband as a father and falling more in love with him.
I could go on and on...

I have a very small list of resolutions that I will be sharing sporadically throughout the month of January. They aren't anything crazy, just a list of goals for the coming year.

Hope the new year brings much refreshment to you and yours!