Friday, August 6, 2010

Things I am Thoroughly Enjoying.

Written by Shannon Leigh

Since I started staying home with the Rubster I have learned to appreciate the small things.

It's all about the small victories... the little battles won. You know, like showering and finishing the laundry in one day.

I'm really enjoying this season of life. I get to spend my WHOLE day with my sweet little girl and still run a growing business! Not to mention spending my evenings with my very handsome hubby. I feel very blessed.

There are a few things getting me through these HOT summer days. Allow me to share!

1. My BEAUTIFUL Limelight Hydrangea in the front landscaping. It's really thriving this year. It's the only "antique" thing about the outside of my house. I've been snipping off bundles and placing them in milk glass all around my house. The best part? The flowers are starting to turn lime green. You know what that means? It's ALMOST fall. OH my heart just skipped a beat.

2. My French Press. Enough said.
3. My coffee grinder. I prefer to grind Hawaiian flavored beans... they are light and bright and are JUST right in my french press. I have really perfected my morning cup o' joe.
4. Tiramisu coffee creamer paired with the Hawaiian coffee beans. It's like drinking dessert for breakfast. I highly recommend it. YUM!
5. This ADORABLE elbow dimple that Ruby has recently developed. It makes me want to nibble on that sweet little arm.

6. The smiles and puddles of drool that greet me when Ruby wakes up from a nap. PRECIOUS! Well the smiles, not the drool so much.

7. When Izzy hears Ruby cry she runs to her door and lays down. When I open the door, she runs over to Ruby's crib and promptly jumps up on the side. Some my find this disturbing. I find it sweet. Ruby LOVES it.
8. THIS video. Hilarious. Don't worry, no babies were harmed in the making of this video ;)


Unknown said...

Ruby is getting her chunk on and I love it.

Calamity J said...

Ok, so I love this post, for many reasons. The lime green hydrangeas...jealous. I can't seem to keep mine alive. Ruby's dimples...adorable. Izzy...she's a dream. And the fact that you mentioned heart is aching and right there with you. SO EXCITED :) But even more, so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

i watched the short video and i laughed so hard i was crying!! so cute!! im really happy for you