Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Clean a Stove: According to my Husband

Written by Shannon Leigh

{This picture has NOTHING to do with this post- I just like it}

Matt and I have a gas stove. Gas stoves are notorious for being grimy. Or so I'm told.
You see, gas stoves have lots of parts. The knobs, the pan support, the flame tube, the flame cover-upper, etc - you get the idea. You can't just wipe it down like those fancy flat top electric ones. Gas stove tops are much more complex in the cleaning department.

I'm a messy person. I can't help it. I've tried, I've truly tried. I'm not the type that gets something out and puts it away. I'm the type of person that gets something out, uses it, forgets that I got it out and moves on to something else. Then I glance at the clock and realize that my "I hate messes" husband is getting home in 30 minutes and I do a whirlwind cleaning. What can I say? I need a little pressure.

I'll tell you what, when I do clean I do a bang up job. I am very thorough and quite particular. None of this mopping business, I scrub the floors on my hands and knees. I usually pile everything up in the middle of the room and then put each item away in its rightful place. I'm a messy perfectionist. Is that possible?

However, when it came to the stove, I had a lot to learn. About a year ago, we were having quests stay with us so I cleaned the house the best I could before they got there. Dusted, vacuumed, washed the floors and toilets, you get the idea. I also cleaned the stove.

Matt got home from work and said "wow the house looks great!" I was beaming with domestic bliss. He then walked over to the stove and said... "ohhh and you tried to clean the stove." Tried? TRIED? I didn't try, I DID clean the stove. But clearly not to his specifications. My domestic goddess bubble had been burst.

Over the next few months I completely gave up on cleaning the stove. Clearly I wasn't the Stove Master like Matt was. But the day I went into labor with Ruby (2 weeks late) I decided I HAD to clean the stove before she got here. So giving up all pride, I called Matt at work and asked him how he made the stove shine like the top of the Chrysler building.

The phone conversation went something like this.
Matt: You're really going to clean the stove? (I could hear the excitement in his voice) It's really easy and it only takes 10 or 15 minutes!
me: 10 or 15 minutes? That's ridiculous. I can wash the whole floor in 15 minutes.
Matt: You'll need 4 different cleaning products.
me: 4 different cleaning products? That's ridiculous. I don't use that many products to clean the whole house.
Matt: Ok. This is what you do.

1. Fill the sink with soapy water. Take all of the loose parts from the top of the stove and soak them in the soapy water.
2. Wipe down the top of the stove with soapy washcloth to get all of the "junk" off.
3. Once all of the junk is off the top of the stove, slather with soft scrub and let it sit for a few minutes.
4. Wipe soft scrub off with wet paper towels.
5. Once the soft scrub is off of the top of the stove, spray the top of the stove with 409. This reduces any greasy residue that is left over.
6. Wipe down top of stove with paper towels until 409 is wiped off. The stove will be streaky.
7. Spray windex on stove top
8. Wipe down with paper towels to remove any streaks.
9. Scrub each stove part that is still in the sink soaking.
10. Dry each part and put back in the appropriate place on the stove.

I think I laughed pretty hard but was sick of Matt being unimpressed with my stove-cleaning abilities. It was time to learn.

So I cleaned the stove using the crazy clean-freak-Matt-method.

I have to admit the stove was spotless and shiny and looked brand-spankin new. Later that night I went into labor.

I will always attribute my laborious stove cleaning for putting me into labor. Thanks honey.

Most couples fight about money or how to raise their children. Matt and I hardly ever argue about those matters. But the neatness of our house is a CONSTANT battle. I don't mind a mess, Matt can't function with a mess. See, with marriage you gotta give a little. So if it means I have to clean the stove using 4 different cleaning products I guess it's worth it. Man I must really love that guy.


sarah said...

we have a gas stove too, and we use comet to clean it, all on the stove top, no taking it all apart, and it works like a charm. it only took us seven months to discover it lol.

Unknown said...

I'm the exact same way. I can handle a little bit of a mess, but when I clean, I CLEAN!

amy said...

you realize this is exactly how brent and i are. but mostly he's had to give because i just don't get around to cleaning. and, it'll only get worse when baby comes!!