Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 15

Written by Shannon Leigh
Peanut and I have made it to the 15 week mark and we feel great.  He is now the size of a large red apple and I'm pretty sure I am feeling him move every once in awhile.  Pretty crazy how big he is getting. 
I'm still not in maternity clothes but Matt told me today that I definitely look like I have a beer belly.  SWEET.  Just what I want to hear.  Oh the things we do as mothers. (Man that still sounds so strange).
 At this point I feel pretty much OVER the nausea part of the pregnancy.  Thank the good Lord.  I am still sleeping on my stomach which I am trying to extend as long as I can and I am having very strange dreams which has lead, on occasion, to me waking up very confused.  

I am at the 4 month mark in a couple of days and the reality that a little one will be here in a few short months is still not setting in.  My parents brought our crib that my mom found at an antique store and we put it together on Saturday.  It still needs to be painted, but the color won't be determined until we know the sex and the fabric for the bedding.  Every time I walk by it I say a little prayer for my little Peanut.  For some reason a physical reminder makes all the difference.  

 It was very eventful weekend and I am very sad to see it end.  I enjoyed spending time with my Matty and we have most of our anniversary trip planned (good thing since it' only 2 weeks away).  At least this week will be short. 
Hopefully your weekend was as good as mine!
Happy Labor Day.


Courtney said...

This is super cute...I can't wait to see all the fruit that peanut grows to be.