Monday, September 21, 2009

17 Weeks

Written by Shannon Leigh
Matt and I are officially on vacation for TWO whole WEEKS!  I love that our wedding anniversary happens to land in the fall.  Hmm it's like I planned it that way or something.

We leave tomorrow for our anniversary trip that we are lovingly calling our babymoon.  I can't even tell you the excitement that is floating around our house.  Lot's of packing and charging of batteries.  We are going to be hitting London totally prepared.

Anyway, this week Peanut and I are 17 weeks along.  I cannot believe how fast it's going and how much Peanut is growing.  I had a appointment last Thursday and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  It was a little difficult for my doctor to find it... seeing as every time she got near the little guy with the doppler he'd swim to the other side of my womb.  It took us 10 minutes JUST to get a good listen.  The doctor keep laughing at us.  I am not surprised at all that we have an active baby.  I am feeling movements a little bit more regularly now.  
Maternity clothes still are fitting right but I definitely feel like I am looking pretty pregnant now.  
Matt and I plan to stay up all night so we can sleep on the plane tomorrow. 
We are praying everything goes well so we have a jet-lag free first day in England.