Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 14

Written by Shannon Leigh

This week, Peanut is a lemon!!  
All kinds of cool things are happening in there now.  According to Peanut can now "squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb!"
I'm still not in maternity clothes, but looser shirts are a bit more comfortable.
I'm starting to feel like I have a beer gut.
Thankfully, I'v been able to borrow a ton of maternity clothes from friends and family.  
I've got lots of options, which is nice as my waistline grows...  
So far, all of the promises of the "second trimester wonderfulness" have proven true.
I feel great and I have a lot more energy.
Still a little nauseous here and there but I really can't complain.
Little Lemon is a DELIGHT.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Hello Second Trimester

Written by Shannon Leigh

Well I'm officially into my 14th week of pregnancy.  It feels GREAT to be in my second trimester!! I am starting to have more energy (except for a nasty cold) and most of the nausea is gone.  I haven't switched to maternity clothes but I am starting to feel a little pudgy around the middle.  I'm thinking I might "pop out" in the next few weeks... we will see.

Last week (week 13) peanut was the size of a peach!  it's CRAZy how fast he is growing (I say 'he' because I'm pretty confident it's a boy).  Oh how I love watching this little guy grow.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New maternity...

Written by Shannon Leigh

A featured bump.  GO HERE.

Why does one go to the State Fair?

Written by Shannon Leigh EAT of course
 (and to enjoy good company)
What was on the menu, you ask?
Lemonade Shake Ups
Saltwater Taffy
& Mini Donuts
I contemplated another corndog but I am glad I refrained.
Thanks for the fun Girls...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Long Legs at 13 weeks

Written by Shannon Leigh
(totally follows after daddy)
So I had my first ultrasound last Friday and it was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. I mean this little guy (or girl) is perfect. The tech would shake the wand and the baby would squirm all over the place and flip over. It was so incredible. It's less than 3 inches long and it has all of it's fingers and toes, peach fuzz, and fingernails. We even got to hear the heartbeat and that was so incredible.

My doctor said that the baby looked perfect, as well as my placenta. Is that too much information? haha.. Anyway here is my sweet little peanut at 13 weeks.
I look just like my daddy
Wiping my brow
Long long legs

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's BACK!!!

Written by Shannon Leigh

Are you in or are you out?

Tonight on Lifetime. Be there.
Auf Wiedersehen.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Peanut is a...

Written by Shannon Leigh

That's right. I am officially 12 1/2 (13 tomorrow) weeks. It feels GREAT to hit my first real milestone.  

Now if I could just get rid of this TERRIBLE taste in my mouth...
Here's to hoping the nausea goes away very soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More than a Grandfather

Written by Shannon Leigh

Last Friday, August 7th, we lost our beloved Grandad to Cancer. He was just shy of his 77th birthday. In 3 short months Grandad's otherwise healthy and robust exterior faded into a forlorn body ridden with this dreadful disease. you may hear the phrase "stupid cancer" mumbled among the breath of his remaining loved ones.

I have put off writing about him and my experience mostly because I wanted his passing and the memories of the past week to be soaked into the deepest part of me. I want to remember it, just as it happened. Not forgetting a single portion.

The last couple of days before his death, I was lucky enough to be there and "walk him home," among so many others who loved him. It was strange making that very familiar 1 and a half mile drive down Pleasant Plains Road from my parent's house, knowing what awaited me. Going to Grandma and Grandad's house usually meant fun, family, and food. This time is meant sorrow and grief. However, there was a strong sense of peace over the entire house and even over Grandad. A peace that only comes from knowing our precious Savior and the bright eternal life that awaited our darling Grandad.

By the time I got there Grandad was barely responsive. I sat next to him on his bed and touched his hands and face. I got to tell him, while fighting back the tears, "Grandad, I want you to know that if we have a boy, we are naming him after you. And I hope that he is half that man that you are." Through strained breath and a sagging face, Grandad whispered "wonderful." I will cherish his last words to me forever.

In his final days, he requested music from the Plainsmen (a 1970's gospel quartet made up of my dad, uncle, and other local musicians). Grandad only wanted to hear the most upbeat music and he wanted his funeral to be called a celebration. He sang the song "Too Young" by Nat King Cole, a song that he and my Grandma adored in their youth. They were married at 19.

When Grandad took his last breath, Grandma was right by his side. I know how heartbroken she was, but how strong and faithful she was too!! I am so proud to be her granddaughter. She said to me “Oh it was just perfect, praise the Lord!” I’d have to agree.

After Grandad passed, someone patted my stomach and said, “You better hope that’s a boy in there.” I said “I don’t know, Grandad liked little girls an awful lot.” And it’s true, he adored his granddaughters, I can speak from experience. I was trying to think about what made Grandad so special, SO many things set him apart. I think the most important thing was that he wanted to KNOW us. Not just know us, but have a relationship with us. He sat on COUNTLESS hard bleachers during basketball and volleyball games. He even sat through boring chorus and band concerts, bless his heart. He suffered through my solo rendition of “On My Own” from Les Miserables and he was there when I placed second at the state track meet in the 100 meter high hurdles. I remember his big toothy smile as I ran to him and hugged him. I always knew that Grandad would share in my joy (and sorrow for that matter). He felt it too his core, I feel blessed to have inherited that trait.

It didn’t stop there, however. When his grandchildren got married and moved away, he and Grandma came to visit no matter the distance. He wanted to see where we lived. We would give them a tour around town and you could see how proud he was. He was my biggest blog fan, a reader that I will miss every day.

There were as many as 800 people who came to Grandad’s visitation. Many were his contemporaries, some were old farm hands, others were those who sat next to him on the bleachers. One man, a little younger than my dad came and talked with us and told us something that really resonated, “Wade treated me like I was a rare peace of gold.” He treated everyone like a rare piece of gold. I was one of many grandchildren. I was nothing special, but that was just how he made me feel.

The funeral started with a video montage of old pictures and video footage from Dudfest (thanks Aunt Karla and Uncle Rob). I think all of us will treasure the video for as long as we live. The pastor read excerpts from letters that each of us had written to Grandad before he passed. It ended with the Dudley Family Choir, at Grandad’s request. The whole family clamored into the choir loft where Grandad had sang so many times before and we belted the lyrics to “I’ll Fly Away.”

We all sat around the table talking about how other people just don’t get it. “It’s only a Grandparent” they may say. But all of us know he was so much more than that. He inspired a church member to write a poem titled "No Greater Christian Man than He.” We all have a piece of him in us, a lot larger than genetics (although I am honored to have his brown eyes). He taught us to know Jesus and to love one another more than anything.

I still feel cheated. Cheated because my child will never have the pleasure of knowing him and cheated out of the next 10 years or more with him. But then I remember that God's timing is perfect and that if my child knows the Lord then he will know Granddad someday, dancing on the streets of gold.

You can read what he meant to other family members HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Written by Shannon Leigh

It's official! The new website is up and running!! Take a gander please.

Contact me if you're interested in booking.