Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 14

Written by Shannon Leigh

This week, Peanut is a lemon!!  
All kinds of cool things are happening in there now.  According to Peanut can now "squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb!"
I'm still not in maternity clothes, but looser shirts are a bit more comfortable.
I'm starting to feel like I have a beer gut.
Thankfully, I'v been able to borrow a ton of maternity clothes from friends and family.  
I've got lots of options, which is nice as my waistline grows...  
So far, all of the promises of the "second trimester wonderfulness" have proven true.
I feel great and I have a lot more energy.
Still a little nauseous here and there but I really can't complain.
Little Lemon is a DELIGHT.


Unknown said...

I love your updates - I always can't wait to see what little peanut is next =) You look like you have more energy!!

Chase Abner said...

I hope you're having a boy, so that someday when he's grown, I can tell him that his name was once "Little Lemon."

uncle mike said...

Uncle Mike says your going to have to name this kid "fruit salad" by the time you have him. Wait till you start using as big as a head of cabbage!