Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To my Lover: I Will be Your Soda Bearer

Written by Shannon Leigh

Matt is on a mission trip this week with the junior high youth group from our church. Although I miss him dearly I am glad he got to go and I know he is being stretched/sharpened in more ways than one. I'm jealous actually. If we weren't smack dab in the middle of training at work I would have gone with them. I think it would be such a blessing to see what God is doing in all of our little Sunday schooler's lives. For some of them this might be their first experience helping out the less fortunate and sharing the gospel. I hope you all will pray with me for the work that God is doing there.

Speaking of being sharpened... Matt is addicted to soda. A few months ago he gave up soda for 30 days (he didn't even drink a soda on his birthday... I was so proud). He went from drinking about 3 a day to zilch. He was pretty miserable for the first few days. He had pretty hardcore caffeine headaches. When he left for the mission trip last week I don't think he took his caffeine addiction into consideration. Because you see, this particular mission trip doesn't provide soda at meal time, or any other time for that matter and he's basically car-less so he can't run out and get a fountain soda (one of his favorite pastimes). Apparently, he had a massive headache for the first day and a half.
Last night I received a text from him that said
"By the grace of God..."
At this point I was waiting for a story about an amazing spiritual encounter. But the rest of it said...
"I dunked a basketball and we had soda with dinner."
Man you gotta love that guy. He really has his priorities straight. At least he recognizes that it's by God's grace.

That leads me to the next topic... I was browsing some party planning websites and I came across THIS. It is a gourmet soda bar at a wedding! What a fantastic idea! I mean it's genius really. Matt would have loved that ( & me too).
{photos via Project Wedding}

Anyway, I only have a few lonely days left until Matty gets home. I'm hoping to accomplish a lot before then. That way when he gets here, we can sip on some gourmet sodas and he can tell me all about his trip. Man I miss him.