Friday, June 19, 2009

A place to rest your bum

Written by Shannon Leigh

I have been super busy for the last few weeks (lot's of photo shoots).  I haven't had a lot of time to work on my half finished projects.  I can't STAND having half finished projects.  I sit at work thinking about them but I can't actually do anything about them.  Oh well... that's life.
A few weeks ago I finally got a legit office chair.  Thank goodness.  My bum was starting to get really angry at me.  Now I can sit and edit to my heart's (or my bum's) content.  
I am still scanning old family slides and photographs.  Right now I have my Grandparent's albums from 1962-1969.  Look at those album covers, totally psychedelic.  I'm sure I will share some images with you when I get the chance.

Happy Friday!:)


Faith said...

Oh, I love looking through my Grandma's old albums. Makes me wonder, in this digital age, if my grandkids will have albums to look through. I need to start printing out my pictures!