Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

What a weekend... so much fun, family and merriment. I will try to describe in as little words as possible.

Saturday: Karsten graduated from med school and he and Brooke had the last party EVER at the current Slater residence. They headed off to Evansville, Indiana today for Karsten to start his residency. We wish the best of luck and it won't be the same without them in Springfield. A few photos of the party.
After the party Saturday, we headed to Matt's parent's for the rest of the weekend. We were looking forward to laying by the pool and relaxing. Unfortunately, we got rained out (the boys and Izzy still took the plunge, but us girls steered clear). However, we didn't let the bad weather get us down, we made Smore's in the oven and played a plethora of games.
On another note, Matt and I finally started hanging things on the walls around the house. I unpacked some of my favorite plates from the wedding and placed them in various locations all over the house. Here are a few shots of the progress. Hopefully this will liven up the place a bit.