Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life Lately

Written by Shannon Leigh



This was a series of text messages that I sent to family on our way to Christmas, the day after we moved into our new house.  Things were a little crazy.
I felt as though it needed to be shared on a larger scale.

So just to give you a little glimpse into our trip so far…

Ruby wants to wear her stupid purple dress, like she does every day.  I put her in something else and she threw a major fit. So I finally gave in and put some tights on her and threw her in the car.  

We leave the house 2 hours late (mostly because Matt is OCD and mopped our entire wood floor and he can't find any of his shoes).  This lead to him to searching through boxes and leaving footprints on our freshly painted basement floor that we spent HOURS painting.  He didn't find them which leaves him grouchy.  We get in the car as fast as we possibly can.

About 45 minutes later Ruby, in a panicky voice says "I have to go potty!" We both looked at each other.... "Did you take her to the bathroom?" we say. In the chaos of leaving the house neither of us took her to the bathroom and we know once she tells us she has to go we have a very small window. 

So we stopped on the side of the interstate.  We don't have our potty chair, so we tell her she gets to pee in the grass like Izzy (she thinks this is great).  Matt takes her around the side of the car and helps her pull down her tights and undies.  She starts going and pee starts to trickle, no stream down her leg and gets absorbed into her freshly laundered tights.

So we strip her down in the freezing cold only to realize the fresh undies and tights are in her suitcase conveniently located at the very bottom of our trunk.  We finally get her changed and she throws another massive fit because she doesn't want to wear her seatbelt.

We get back on the road where Matt promptly takes  55 NORTH when we were supposed to take 55 south!

And now Max is stirring... Oh well, I pumped a fresh bottle for him to give him on the road.  The bottle that is currently sitting on the kitchen counter, in Mahomet.


Betsy said...

So happy to see your post! I am delighted any time I get a glimpse into your life. Welcome to the often frazzled, always funny life of multiple children. Truly, I could write this post (or one like it) any day of the week. Of course, my husband doesn't know what a mop is, and my toddler refuses to be pottytrained, but you get the idea! Miss you!

Unknown said...

I just laughed so hard. Oh Shannon. I think my favorite parts were "she thought it was great" and "sitting on the counter in Mohomet". Makes me wanna hold off a bit before we venture into the world of multiple children. Not that my current life is any less chaotic. :)

Caitie Breeze said...

oh my gosh, i am laughing so hard!! when i read the part about having preplanned a bottle for Max i thought "oh the silver lining" only to read that it's left in Mahomet!! oh my gosh, i love this.

Crystal said...

Welcome to the world of multiple kids- this will be your life for the next 8 years (until the kids start being able to remember stuff by themselves)- you will get the hang of it- but remember to laugh about situations like this because they will be the memories that will stick with you and at that the ones you cherish most! :)

Victoria said...

Sounds great! lol...Not so much! :( Hope things started going better and everyone had a good laugh before that trip was over!