Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 31 & 32

Written by Shannon Leigh
Brenna -389-1
Brenna -409-2

Is it really true that Mister and I only have 7 weeks left?  AHH, I'm so not ready.  I'm pretty ready to not be pregnant any more but I am really not ready to have 2 kids…ha.
 Without having a baby room to get ready I feel kind of strange.  There is only so much I can do without a crib, and walls to paint, and art to make, etc.  Plus the fact that I am insanely busy with building a house and working.
My body is a bit worn down but I am still feel pretty good for the most part.

I started having contractions during week 32.  They are pretty annoying but they aren't the real thing and only come occasionally.  I didn't have a single contraction with Ruby until I was in active labor so MAYBE that means the baby will come more on time this time?
Probably not.

In house news we are completely framed and shingled.  We have exterior windows and doors and and amazing clawfoot tub sitting in the master bedroom just waiting for my aching bones. Plumbing and electricity are supposed to be in this week!
Both my body and the house are coming along as they should (mostly).
We'll be back soon with more news!