Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 22 & 23

Written by Shannon Leigh


The last few weeks have really flown by.
During week 22 we got to see Mister via sono.  He was so darn cute I could hardly stand it.  He moved around a ton and sucked his thumb.  He was also very obviously a boy- not that we were doubting it.

The sono also confirmed what I already suspected, Mister is currently breach.  He kicks all the time but the kicks are low and have been since I started feeling him move.  I've been a little concerned about this but I'm trying to trust that he will turn at some point. Ruby was pretty much head down the the whole time.  I know we have plenty of time but I'd appreciate some prayers!

The bright side of him being breech is that we got some AWESOME profiles shots of his little face.  He's got a sweet squishy nose and he kept touching his face with his hands.

I have had 3 weddings in a row and I am tired.  Luckily this coming week is slow.  I am hoping I can get caught up and spend some good quality time with Ruby (although we will have 3 dogs in the duplex since I am watching my sisters 2 dogs-yikes).  

Another HUGE happening in our house is that RUBY IS POTTY TRAINED!  Woo hoo!  She hadn't had an accident in undies in about a week and only has to wear a diaper at nap and bed time!   
We still can't believe how fast it went once she grasped the concept.  It just took a few days.  I am so relieved.  I really wanted her potty trained by the time Mister showed up.  Here's to hoping she doesn't regress when he's born!

Check back for week 24, it's sure to be interesting!


Unknown said...

Hey Kitty - yes it's concerning when they are breech...E moved around a lot but was mostly breech until week 36! I totally knew the day he turned, I went from feeling absolutely nothing but low kicks to all of a sudden not being able to breathe. Lovely :) I would take it as a blessing for now...I'm sure he will turn! Bet you are getting those wonderful butt kicks. Seriously he would kick so low I literally felt it in my butt. Oh the joys...!