Thursday, October 6, 2011


Written by Shannon Leigh
I usually don't think that Ruby looks a lot like me but in these pictures I think that we resemble each other a bit.
I had a lot more hair and it was darker and curlier but Ruby often makes this face where she crinkles her nose.  She definitely has her Daddy's mouth and her GiGi's chin.
Scan 9

Scan 2

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Then & Now

Written by Shannon Leigh
These make me want to go back in time.
I just want to rub my lips on her bald head and nibble her baby toes.




Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Winnie's Gender

Written by Shannon Leigh

Recently Matt and I had the following conversation:

Scene: Matt is giving Ruby a bath and showing her a Winnie the Pooh picture book while I am in the living room

Matt:  What's the little pink guys name?
Me: You mean Piglet?
Matt: oh, so that's what that is…
Me:  WHAT did you think he was?
Matt: I don't know, a rat or something.
Me: Sigh….
Matt:  Do you know what Winnie is?
Me:  What do you mean?
Matt:  You know, the Pooh.
Me:  I know who you are talking about.  What do you mean what is Winnie the Pooh.  He's a bear.
Matt: I know he's a bear but is he a boy or a girl?
Me: Uh, he's a boy…
Matt:  Hmm, has that been confirmed?

I have to admit that I find his complete and utter ignorance of Winnie the Pooh a little charming.

On a side note aren't my anniversary flowers lovely?

Ruby seems to think so.