Friday, September 9, 2011

Yard Rompers

Written by Shannon Leigh

Sometimes after dinner we don't know what to do with ourselves.   

You know how that is…
dinner has been eaten, 
the dishes have been washed and put away,
the baby has been bathed, 

But it's just not time for bed yet.  

The pesky summer sun is still awake too.

It can be kind of a tricky hour.

We often get ice-cream at our local ice-cream joint but realized that probably wasn't a wise decision right before bed.

So we started yard romping.

Ruby LOVES to be outside.  She stands at the backdoor all day long singing "outside, outside!"

If I don't oblige her sometimes she will melt into a puddle on the floor…
 ah the joys of having a toddler.  

Yard romping requires 4 things:
1. A happy toddler
2.  jammies
3.  Mommy and Daddy
4. Wild Izzy

Burning energy before bed?




Mrs. Lay said...

Her curls are to die for! I hope Hayden gets a few baby curls...heck right now I'd just like her to have some hair!:) Happy Weekend